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Limo Simulator 2016 City Drive


DO YOU WANT TO DRIVE THE MOST LUXURY LIMOUSINE IN THE CITY?Step in the most luxury limousine of the city, all the city people will look at you once you drive by! Are you ready to play the most amazing limo driving simulator on the google play store? This limo driving simulator will make you feel like a real limo driver who isn’t afraid of driving an enormous luxury limousine through the big 3d city! This 2016 limousine simulator game will give you the experience of a real limousine driver!THE BEST REAL CITY DRIVING SIMULATOR EXPERIENCE ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICEBeing a real city driver is more than just doing a bit of city travel and enjoying the beautiful game surroundings. In this limo driving simulator you really require some professional real city limo driving simulator skills! Drive an enormous luxury limousine in a real crowded city with lots and lots of city traffic. This is, as you might imagine, pretty difficult.. are you FIT for this limo driving challenge.
LIMO SIMULATOR 2016 CITY DRIVE WILL BE THE SIMULATOR YOU WILL REMEMBERAre you ready to pick up some city passengers in your luxury limousine and take them towards their destination in our driving simulator? Just follow the arrows on the city road. Playing this limo driving simulator you need to do some city parking and city driving and lots more!.
START UP FROM THE BOTTOM AND BECOME A LEGENDARY LIMOUSINE SIMULATOR DRIVER OF 2016! Get ready for more the 20 exciting and fun different game levels. These limo driving and parking games mean many hours of mobile game fun! While playing these levels you can practice your real city driver skills. These limo driving simulator games make all other limo driving and parking games look a bit boring.
LIMOUSINE DRIVING GAMES HAVE NEVER BEEN SO FUN TO PLAY!While doing some professional limo driving and parking you have to watch out for all other city traffic. If you want you can do a little city travel but always watch the clock. You do not want to keep your city passengers wait too long because that might cost you your tip and cash is really important in this simulator. Be the best real city driver the play store has ever encountered!
LIMO SIMULATOR 2016 CITY DRIVE, THE ULTIMATE DRIVING AND PARKING SIMULATORThe more game levels you finish in these limo driving and parking games the more exciting the game levels will become. Keep in mind that these city passengers who order a luxury limousine are usually big tippers. Be the best limo driver of all other limousine driving games, and bring them on time to their destination!
Limo Simulator 2016 City Drive - Game features:- awesome luxury limousine to drive in while playing these limousine driving games- beautiful big city 3d environment situations playing limousine driving and parking games- realistic limousine parking and driving controls - best limo driving simulator gameplay while playing these limousine driving games - new precision driving simulator engine while playing this limo driving simulator- time is not on your side, you got limited time finish all game levels - endless amount of different parking levels each with its one challenge.
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